January- the “new” year end

January is over now and I’ve finally convinced myself to move into 2019; I’m into the habit of believing that first I should try the year for a month and then decide whether I’m gonna step into it or stay in the old one. Like in 2017, it was 2016 twice and then 2018 for me. I work like that. So, 2019 begins in February. (Now that I’ve established myself as an outcast, let’s move forward.)

Now, for the reason I’ve decided what I’ve decided- my life has been quite crappy for sometime, and enough is enough! I’m exhausted from work, and by that I mean the unpaid internship, so much so that today I submitted my “really subtle” letter to discontinue from it, and now it’s time to move forward. I guess January will mark the end of every sh*tty thing that I went through in my messed up life (or maybe that’s what I’m telling myself because “optimism is a way of life”. F*ck.) But honestly I do feel so freaking light-headed just by leaving that internship. But seriously, who the f*ck came up with the idea of it? Making students work like hell, bossing them around and not paying them? Like, excuse me, do you have any idea what shit we go through?

Seven months after graduation from a crappy *cough* amazing college, and scoring enough in exams to keep myself from being thrown out of my parent’s house, I think I’ve managed pretty well (if I may say so). But now is the dreadful time of university applications and I am happy that I’ve some sort of lead on that.

So, back to the new year, I’ve a list of books I’ve to read this year apart from the ones I’m gonna purchase on impulse. And I will try to review them as I read. I’m also trying to cut my expenses on clothing, and trying to invest in capsule pieces. Hopefully, that’ll turn out well. I can’t promise to have a healthy lifestyle just yet, because, let’s be honest- it’s too much work and I lack that kinda committment.

Okay, how should I end this balderdash? Lemme think.. oh, I know..

“Cheers!” 🥃